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What is Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Asia Pacific

ECR Asia Pacific is an independent joint trade and industry body, which is co-chaired by representatives from the retail sector and the manufacturing sector. It promotes the use of Efficient Consumer Response techniques in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retailing to remove unnecessary costs from the supply chain and make the sector, as a whole, more responsive to consumer demand. ECR Asia Pacific aligns with the Consumer Goods Forum focusing on five strategic priorities – Emerging Trends, Sustainability, Safety & Health, Operational Excellence, as well as Knowledge Sharing & People Development.

What is ECR Asia Pacific Recognition Award?

The purpose of ECR activities is to enhance the ability of all to compete more efficiently and effectively to provide better value to the consumer. However, ECR members could still collaborate on projects, help to realize benefits and contribute to the development of ECR. It is this spirit of collaboration to drive the FMCG forward that the ECR Asia Pacific Recognition Awards 2015 are presented to those recognized for their excellence in these fields, namely, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Digital and People.

Supply Chain Champion of the Year The aim of the award is to acknowledge and recognize the outstanding achievement of an industry professional who has demonstrated significant achievement in managing the integration of supply chain and efficient consumer response.
Sustainability Champion of the Year The award is to recognize the individual who is embedding sustainability in their operations, business models and products; the winners are in the vanguard of sustainability and are driving demonstrable results through innovation, engagement and commitment to better business.
Digital Champion of the Year This award is to recognize the consumer industry leaders, mentors and master collaborators whose work has earned them exceptional repute, and whose contributions, ingenuity and commitment pushed digital marketing to new levels of excellence through their outstanding achievements.
People Champion of the Year The award will be presented to the industry professional who has best demonstrated a significant achievement in aspects such as talent management, training, HR systems, etc, which is both relevant to promoting value chain and achieving efficient consumer response.