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On Shelf Availability Standards, Terms and Definitions Handbook 2013

A handbook to be used as a reference by Retailers and Manufacturers addressing OSA

OSA has been a hot topic for years globally and while initiatives are conducted and businesses do track KPIs, OSA remains high in APAC. Trading partners tend to measure and track out of stocks using different approaches, resulting in a variety of benchmarks that don’t make collaboration and comparisons easy.

The ECR APAC OSA Report published in 2012 pointed to collaboration and speaking a common language as the key way to improving On Shelf Availability. As a result the ECR AP OSA Standards, Terms and Definition Forum was conducted to agree on a systematic way of addressing and standardising OSA terms, resulting in the creation of this handbook.

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ECR APAC Emerging Trends Study 2013

Emerging trends in the consumer goods and retail industries in the Asia-Pacific region

Throughout 2013, ECR Asia Pacific conducted a study on emerging trends across the consumer goods and retail industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on a web-based survey and a series of focus workshops in Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore, the study set out to identify current and upcoming trends that would have a large impact on the industry and its consumers. Participants ranked the top trends facing their organizations today and in 5 years time.

Consumers’ increasingly digital lifestyles are opening up new opportunities for companies/brands to engage with them. However, companies need a tailored marketing strategy to realize the full potential of the online world. Companies need to be selective in investing in the right channels and business models. Investment should also be made on mobile commerce, as well as capturing data and analytics to further customize the customer experience.

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Sustainability Best Practices

The booklet is intended to be a great example collection of ECR Asia Pacific’s 4 focus areas - strategy, product, consumer, employee- which will allow companies to taste and pick different ideas and consider how to apply them in their own organisation.

Although the regulatory pressures have increased across Asia Pacific, the majority of the sustainability initiatives are still coming from the corporate pressure of the multinational companies. Working with different companies from the CPG and retail sector we believe that collecting and sharing those companies best cases would be useful and some of them adaptable for other companies and even individuals.

The diversity and uniqueness of the markets across Asia, mean we are dealing with different levels of development, approaches and culture therefore every sub-region and country has their unique challenges in the area of sustainability and social responsibility.

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